The LeadFarm Project

The LeadFarm Project aims to get a generational and gender balance in the co-operative agricultural sector through strengthening the capabilities of young generation of farmers (men and women) in order to ensure the generational shift in their family farms and co-operatives. 

In addition, this project will review the communications and engagement structures with young Farmers to establish the best way to engage with young farmers. 

The specific objectives are to:

  • Provide innovative training to young farmers
  • Promote co-operative culture and values
  • Strengthen business skills
  • Promote gender balance

Lack of Involvement

There is a lack of involvement and participation of young farmers (men and women) in the management of their own farms and in the day to day activities of the co-operative.

Generational Shift

The generational shift is not guaranteed because the younger farmers are not aware of the importance of the co-operative structure for the sustainability of their farms.

Co-Operative Culture

There is a need to work on the promotion of co-operative culture and values to enhance the knowledge of young generations of farmers (women and men) about the functioning of the co-operatives in order to change this situation and thus guarantee a better and sustainable future for all.

“Improving Co-Operatives Through a New and Innovative Young Farmer Leadership”

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