The Partnership

LeadFarm puts together five organizations coming from five different EU Member States: two from Southern Europe (Spain and France), one from Eastern Europe (Latvia) and two from Northern Europe (Ireland and Sweden).

The partnership, which is coordinated by ICOS joins a leading VET provider (CHANGEMAKER), associations of cooperatives AGACA (Galician Association of Agri-Food Cooperatives), Services Coop de France (Union des Cooperatives Agricoles) and n organization providing consultancy and advisory services to rural entrepreneurs and cooperatives (LATVIAN RURAL ADVISORY AND TRAINING CENTRE).

ICOS has established a strategic partnership composed by five organisations, coming from different EU member states, working in the cooperative sector and leads VET providers*: (*an organisation or individual that provides education or training services.)


AGACA - Spain

Galician Association of Agro-food cooperatives

Changemaker AB - Sweden

Consultancy company

ICOS - Ireland

Irish Cooperative Organization Society

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