This is Leadfarm

The LeadFarm Project aims to get a generational and gender balance in the co-operative agricultural sector through strengthening the capabilities of young generation of farmers. The specific objectives are to:

  • Provide innovative training to young farmers
  • Promote co-operative culture and values
  • Strengthen business skills
  • Promote gender balance

Improving cooperatives through a new and innovative young farmer leadership


There were 10.8 million farm managers in the EU-28 agricultural sector in 2013.  3.3 million farm managers in the EU-28 were aged 65 or over, which was approximately 3 out of every 10 (31.1%)

The most common age band for farm managers was that covering managers aged 65 or over, and an absolute majority (55.7%) of farm managers in the EU-28 were aged 55 or over, which means they were approaching or beyond the regular pension age.

Agricultural co-operatives rise from family farms and contribute to their preservation and future development. In most co-operatives across the EU, there are very few young people or women among the board members or management staff, for that reason, the active participation of farmers is highly valued, as future managers that can ensure their continuity and their gender-balance in board positions.