Risk Management - Game rule book
Risk Management game materials - Risk tiles

People11-Incompetence from employees

People10-Faking illness

People1-Minor Accidental Injury

People8-Disgruntled Employees

People7-Human Error

People6-Unmotivated workers

People9-Slander form employees

People2-Major Accidental Injury

People3-Temporary Illness

People4-Chronic Illness

People5-Accidental death

Natur1-Farm not being up to code_following regulations

Natur12-Animal Attacks

Natur11-Missing Animals

Natur10-Machinery Breakdowns

Natur6-Small Storm



Natur8-Sudden animal epidemic

Natur7-Sudden crop epidemic

Natur9-Long Winters Natur13-Insect Infestations

Natur1-Small Fire

Natur3-Wild Fire

Economy11-unfavorable changes in exchange rates

Economy10-lack of adequate cash or credit reserves

Economy14-Misreading Market demand

Economy13-Premature investments in unproven technologies

Economy12-Uncertainty of new technologies

Economy7-higher interest rates

Economy1-Difficulty in obtaining loans

Economy1-Embezzlement from employees

Economy3-increased input costs

Economy4-Lessened Incentives

Economy5-Price uncertainty

Economy6-Lowered margin from buyers

Economy9-higher cash demand for family needs

Economy8-excessive borrowing

Coop10-Badly managed Economy within the Coop

Coop6- Miscommunication within the coop

Coop4- Slander about the coop from outside

Coop1- Slight disagreement within the cooperative

Coop8- Weak Contracts within the Coop

Coop7- Embezzlement from the Coop

Coop9-Big disagreement between Coop partners

Coop2- Slander from within the coop

Coop3- Unauthorized use of Coop Assets

Coop5- Coop partners misrepresenting the coop